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Feeling lost, restless, or disconnectedStruggling to make sense of your past or present? Curious about the inner workings of your body, mind, soul and spirit? Facing challenges in life and wanting to find new ways to tackle them? Feeling stuck in grief? Going through a big life change? Experiencing a 'dark night of the soul'? Questioning everything? Wondering if there is more to life? Wanting to better understand yourself and your life purpose? These are all good reasons to try EdgeWise Illuminating Counselling and Psychotherapy. Tina Bramley will work with you holistically (as a whole person) to achieve your goals. Contact Tina to start your journey.

Tina Bramley is an experienced group facilitator. She conducts mindfullness and psychotherapeutic meditation sessions, as well as workshops designed to illuminate self-awareness. Contact Tina to discuss what she has to offer or any ideas you might have.

Tina Bramley is a skilled learning and development facilitator with a background in organisational culture, leadership development, change management and skills training. Contact Tina to discuss your needs. 

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